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Orelac Racing VerdNatura were caught out by the change of conditions at the Lausitzring today and ended up 24th and 27th on the grid. The fifteen-minute morning session took place on a mostly wet track and because of that the team used a full wet set-up even though there were some dry patches starting to appear.  The rain eased throughout the morning and, by the time Superpole 2 started, the track was mostly dry. The team thought a wet set-up was probably still required but, in fact, the track had dried out enough for a dry set-up.

Fahmi Khairuddin – 24th, 1:43.339

“I am disappointed how things worked out today. We saw the SBK boys were not going slowly in their Superpole just before us and we should’ve realised that the track was dry enough to go for a dry set-up. But we still had the wet set-up we used in the fifteen-minute session this morning, when it was wet, and so we were caught out. I felt good in the morning session in the wet and felt comfortable that I would get into Superpole 1. The set-up on my bike made it impossible for me to manage the conditions properly and I could not go any faster. This track is difficult for overtaking, so I am going to need a very good start if I am to get a good result.”

Nacho Calero – 27th, 1:44.338

“We simply had the wrong set-up for the conditions in Superpole 1 and that was that. Really we should’ve started Superpole 1 with a dry set-up, but our set-up was the wet set-up from this morning. It’s frustrating because I’m sure that Fahmi and I would have done well in Superpole if we’d had the right set-up.”

Giulio Bardi (Team Manager)

“Sometimes when you have done wrong, you just have to admit it and learn from the experience. We didn’t give Fahmi and Nacho the right set-up for the conditions and we paid the penalty – 24th and 27th on the grid. We thought Superpole 1 would be damp – and it wasn’t. So Fahmi and Nacho had to manage a dry track with wet set-ups and that doesn’t work very well. We have to acknowledge what happened today, get over it and move on. It’s a shame because Fahmi and Nacho were happy with their bikes yesterday and also this morning and so I think we could’ve got some good results tomorrow.”