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After yesterday’s superb performance in Superpole, Orelac Racing VerdNatura rider Fahmi Khairrudin was really looking forward to today’s 17-lap race in Chang. He made a good start and was setting into a good race pace. But after just two laps his bike experienced an engine problem and he was forced to retire. His team mate Nacho Calero, started from the seventh row of the grid, but kept pushing hard throughout the race and was rewarded for his efforts with a 13th place.

Nacho Calero – 13th

“I knew that today was going to be difficult and it was. It’s never easy starting from so far down the grid – because this class is so competitive – but I decided to keep plugging away and see what I could get. In the end, I guess it was good to finish in the points after a difficult weekend.”

Fahmi Khairuddin – DNF

“I was looking forward to the race and felt I could get a good result. I knew that the race would be one of attrition, so my plan was to ride hard, but keep something in reserve for the later stages of the race and then make my move. In the end, I never got the chance to carry out my plan because of an engine problem. That was very frustrating because, if there had been no problems, I really believed that I could get a good result today.”

Giulio Bardi (Team Manager)

“Sometimes racing can be hard and today was one of those days. We don’t normally have engine problems like this so we’re going to have to get the bikes back to our workshop and see what caused the problems. After yesterday, we all felt that Fahmi could get a good result today. He was strong and happy with the bike and really focussed on getting a good result.  Nacho started from way down the grid, but just kept at it and picked up positions lap after lap. He knew it would be tough today, but he had the right attitude and scored some points. Now we have to re-group, work hard and look forward to the next race.”